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Rey on Why Family

Rey Talks About Konnan

Interview: Jason & Konnan


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Aro Lucha is using new equity crowdfunding laws to revolutionize the professional wrestling and lucha libre industry by becoming the WORLD’S FIRST FAN OWNDED LUCHA LIBRE SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY. For the first time in history, you the FAN have a VOICE that MATTERS. No longer does your comment live on the internet only to be read by other fans, now your comments matter and shape the direction and future decisions of Aro Lucha. Join the Aro Lucha Founders, Konnan, and Rey Mysterio, along with other passionate investors and owners to revolutionize the industry that you LOVE! ARO LUCHA, We invite you to be a part NOW, don’t wait and don’t miss out.


Get In On The Action

When you become an Arolucha, Inc shareholder, you get access to exclusive events and owner benefits. From voicing your opinions on creative to watching behind the scenes footage and live streams, we’re giving you never before seen access to professional Lucha Libre!

Join the Revolution

Are you tired of simply making your comments on social media and critiquing what other wrestling promotions are booking? Well now’s your chance to have a voice, join thousands of other fans who have experienced Aro Lucha and become a part of the community. We are family, and family sticks together, to change the industry as we know it.

Invest Now

Our goal is to give the FANS an opportunity that has never been experienced in Professional Wrestling. Our goal is to build a community of passionate fans, listen to them, and then give them what THEY WANT! What a concept! And now you can be a part of that dream, by becoming an Aro Luchador. Sign up for Free or Make an Investment, either way just join the family.

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Photo * Aro Lucha’s Own Beautiful Dee Dee Speaks to a Packed House on December 10th, 2017 at the Aro Lucha Sold Out Pilot Episode.



This isn’t traditional crowd funding. You’re not donating to a cause or a special project. If you INVEST, you’re buying actual stock in the company and you become an OWNER. If we’re successful, you can possibly make money too.



Aro Lucha creates exciting and original content in the professional wrestling arena, specifically in Lucha Libre. It is our goal to create a television program for Aro Lucha, with the first season starring Rey Mysterio. We also have other revenue streams such as live event ticket sales, merchandise, licensing, ad sales and integrations. We also hope to move into other areas such as movies, comic books, and ancillary programming such as reality tv and documentaries, the opportunities are endless.

It is our goal to partner with great athletes, celebrities, and strategic partners to make those projects more viably successful. We hope that partnerships like Konnan’s, Rey Mysterio’s, and with Legion M Founders Jeff Annison and Paul Scanlon continue and will give us a competitive advantage in the marketplace. But our secret weapon and biggest competitive advantage is YOU, THE FANS! With a Legion of FANS behind and beside Aro Lucha, we can all hopefully be successful together!


With any investment, there’s risk involved and it is impossible to see the future. With that being said, if you can’t afford to lose 100% of your investment, we’re asking you to not make the investment or make a smaller investment. We want to be responsible and we want you to be responsible. But if you can bear the risk, and you’re excited about the project then please join us!

We hope to achieve profitability in the future and create a 10X – 100X return for our investor, that’s our dream and what we are swinging for. We’re burning the boats and we’re going to do everything that we can to make that happen! If you look at some “other” publically traded companies in the wrestling space, they have achieved revenues of over $700 Million in some previous years, we think there is enough room for everyone and we hope to achieve the same thing at some point in time in the future. While no one can guarantee success, and we may not achieve that, we’re doing to do all we can and everything in our power to make this successful for everyone involved.



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