Introducing the world's first fan owned Lucha Libre Sports & Entertainment Company!

I’m proud to be on the advisory board and an owner of Aro Lucha. Now YOU can be an owner with me too! I invite you to JOIN NOW. 
— Rey Mysterio
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Sign up as a FREE MEMBER to join the Aro Luchador Family. You get everything that Investors get, except actual ownership in the company. Here is what you get:

  • Access to the Official Aro Luchadores Exclusive Facebook Group
  • Invitations to select Aro Lucha Live & Online Events
  • You get a VOICE in the company, participate in surveys and polls to guide creative and talent decisions
  • You'll also get a 10% off discount code for our future Aro Lucha Online E-Commerce Store

You’ll get access to exclusive opportunities and events. If you’re considering investing, this is a great way to learn more, interact with some of the other owners and founders, and see first hand what Aro Lucha is all about!